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Honoured to be a finalist again!

Looking for award-winning Public Relations and Marketing?

Bill Gates famously said that if he was down to his last dollar, he would spend it on PR. But how do you select the right agency?

How about the one that was selected by the judges of Electronics Weekly’s prestigious Elektra Awards for the most effective messaging campaign by an agency? I won this in 2019.

Vortex PR is an expert story teller, finding content within a company and writing stories in a compelling way that editors usually use verbatim.

With over thirty years of specialising in high technology, Vortex PR has a world-wide network of editors that value the quality of stories and articles that it creates.

Start-ups to multinationals have relied on Vortex PR to build their global reputations for technological innovation and to generate sales.  Please see testimonials page.

If you would like to know how I could spread the message to the world about your amazing technology and solutions, please call me on 01481 233080 (+44 1481 233080) or email

Best wishes

Nigel Robson, B.Sc.


Vortex PR - Telling stories that build your business

Tell me a fact and I will remember

Tell me a truth and I will believe

Tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever...

High technology companies can create tremendous innovations but usually lack the skills to promote these to the world so no-one knows. Their story is usually fragmented and bogged down in technical details.

With over thirty years experience in high technology and a degree in Physics and Chemistry, I am one of Europe's leading High Technology Public Relations consultants. My core skill is fixing the story so that it is compelling and interesting, and ensuring consistency of messaging and story telling throughout all aspects of your business to business communication including leaflets, website, investor relations and media relations.

I then tell it to the world so that it stays fixed in the minds of your customers and prospects - keeping the story fresh and relevant with news, successes, customer wins, innovations etc to keep you front and centre in people's minds.

Successes range from stories in the Financial Times, the New Scientist and EETimes, through specialist trade media to the BBC and CNBC with expertise that includes nanotechnology, electronics, semiconductors, microprocessors, computers, networking, material science, biotechnology and digital signal processing.

Clients have been based all over the world ranging from Silicon Valley companies wanting to target Europe, through small startups wanting to tell the world about their innovation, to major international companies such as Philips Semiconductors using my story telling skills to reposition themselves. Typically I work with clients for long periods - the average is seven years and, in one case, twenty years - with most new business coming from referrals.

A recent new area is VCs coming to me to promote the companies that they have invested in to build awareness and sales for further funding rounds and, most importantly, improved values for exits.

I deliver:

  • Brand awareness
  • Sales enquiries
  • Faster deal closing
  • Sales revenue
  • Increased company valuation

Please call me today to discuss how I can build the awareness and reputation of your business with my highly experienced and very personal service.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Nigel Robson, BSc

Principal, Vortex Public Relations

Tel +44 1481 233080

(or 01481 233080 from UK)


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