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Technology Evangelist

Geoffrey Moore's classic book "Crossing the Chasm" describes the challenges of marketing a new technology. The chasm is the hard to bridge gap between the Early Adopters, who are technology visionaries, and the Early Majority, who are pragmatists and are followed by the general adoption of a new technology by the general public.

High Tech PR covers the Early Adopters and Early Majority with a special emphasis on crossing the chasm. Consumer PR picks up the ball from then on when it is generally down to brand and finally price.

A Technology Evangelist works at an even earlier and very exciting stage when no-one has even heard of a new technology - seeding the market, priming journalists, setting expectations and showing that there is a need in order to generate interest by the Early Adopters.

Vortex PR has been highly success as a Technology Evangelist on numerous occasions such as for Bluetooth, USB, CMOS camera chips, DECT, GPS, Y2K, Nanotechnology sunscreens, Digital Radio, sensors and Quantum Tunnelling Composites. 

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