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Sondrel – Client of two years. Repositioning the company from Design Services to full Turnkey ASIC manufacturer and launching its innovative Architecting the Future range of reference designs that dramatically reduce risk.

Nigel is a tenacious and prolific seeker of interesting technical and commercial stories. His enthusiasm to speak with engineers across the organization and his ability to translate their, sometimes, convoluted thoughts into coherent, compelling, and readable pieces is a testament to his professionalism and skills. He has done this week after week in an organization of engineers that did not think it had much to say. Mark Croft, Director of Product Marketing.

sureCore – Long standing client. Positioning the company as the solution for ultra-low memory IP that enables memory to be added for advanced features without increasing the power budget which is vital for next generation wearables.

sureCore has worked with Vortex, on and off, for over 6 years. Our most recent engagement, since early 2020, has been particularly productive with Nigel leading and executing a high-profile global marketing campaign that has enabled us to deliver our key messages. He has helped us clearly articulate our value proposition for various market segments and has brought a fresh, clean and visually appealing style to our marketing output.

Highly recommended. Paul Wells, CEO

Woodpecker – Creating the brand image and a raft of press releases and literature that defines the company’s verification technology in a clear compelling way.

Nigel is clearly an exceptional veteran who is very good to organize, structure the story telling of the technical products, especially on the electronics industry. Woodpecker Semiconductors appreciated a lot from the on-going collaboration with Nigel, which is furthering shaping our branding and sharpening our marketing messages.

ZHOU Bo-VP of Business Development, Woodpecker Semiconductors (The EDA innovator)

Nanusens – Long standing client. Positioned the company as the innovator in MEMS with its patented technology that enables MEMS to be created in conventional CMOS fabs and an order of magnitude smaller making the NEMS.

Nigel has quickly positioned Nanusens technology in the point of view of the semiconductor sector, and we are receiving inquiries from all the World. His range of contacts, technical knowledge, his capacity to explain complex technologies in simple words, and his knowledge of the semiconductor and electronics ecosystem and its marketing, makes him the best PR Agency in the Electronics Industry. Dr. Josep Montanyà i Silvestre, CEO

Escatec – Long standing client. Maintaining its message of quality contract manufacturing to a global audience.

Having worked with Nigel several times across different technologies, it is clear that his strong science background enables him to rapidly grasp and understand the principles of a new technology or product. He is also a great investigative journalist, asking the right questions to get behind the technology to find the real value story that is of interest to the customer or user. Martin Kingdon, Director of Business Development

Agile Analog – New client. Rebranding the company as the Analog IP innovators by using the appointment of a new CEO to arrange interviews positioning the now clearly defined USPs of the company’s technology.

Mr. Robson has a deep knowledge and experience in the semiconductor and electronic sectors. He has a unique ability to anticipate his client's future needs, enabling him to give strategic recommendations that give them a competitive advantage. Mr. Robson has that rare talent of being able to transform difficult technical ideas/concepts into terms and language that suit a wide and diverse audience. This talent enables him to be able to generate content that works with the varying technical literacy of the groups being addressed, therefore ensuring that this message reaches the maximum number of people in the room. Lisa Yang, Corporate Marketing

Philips Semiconductors/MIPS

“I have had the privilege of working with Nigel at various times since I first met him in 1993 when his consultancy became PR agency of record for Philips Semiconductors. In my view, Nigel is one of the leading high technology PR consultants in the world today.

He has strong abilities in all key areas of business-to-business PR:

- A network of editorial and analyst contacts second to none, and he enjoys strong relationships with all of them. They know they can trust Nigel to deliver factual and relevant information that fits with their news and communication strategies.

- Strong strategic and tactical planning skills. Nigel has the ability to help plan long-range campaigns and then keep up a consistent drive to shape stories and deliver materials over time. This is a unique skill that I have not seen often. An important element of this is his ability to effectively help management craft a viable long-term story line that both supports and strengthens company positioning.

- Great teamwork skills. Nigel is very collegial and giving of his knowledge. Because of this, he works well with all levels of the organization and is a great teacher.

- Excellent understanding of technology, technology trends, and market development. Nigel knows how to explain a product or service and position its value within the market landscape -- no one does it better. This is a large part of the reason why editors and analysts trust him. He is very astute at working with engineering and marketing to find the key features and functions and can craft benefit statements that are meaningful for the key audiences.” October 2, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Melissa J. Jones. Hired Nigel as a Public Relations in 1993, and hired Nigel more than once

ARC International

“Nigel is the public relations consultant representing ARC International to the UK and European press. In this role he has performed above our expectation. ARC has received wide editorial coverage thanks to his good work. I recommend him to anyone requiring PR representation.” September 4, 2008. Jonah McLeod, ARC. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

MIPS Technologies

“Nigel is a great professional, and has solid relationships with many editors and influential journalists. He understands his client's business and that of the end customer, and is trusted by all parties to deliver.” September 2, 2008 Andy Mortimer, Sales Director, MIPS Technologies


“Nigel is an excellent PR professional, delivering great results in short timescales and limited budgets. He now only understands his own business but that of his clients as well. Highly recommended!” September 1, 2008 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity Andrew Moloney, RadioScape

RF Engines

“The editorial coverage that Vortex has obtained has been excellent and really raised our profile around the world. The front cover stories were tremendously valuable in generating a high level of quality leads from the major players in each of our markets.” John Summers, CEO RF Engines


"We were already using a UK Public Relations firm who claimed expertise in the high tech sector. After their 'start-up' budget was exhausted, all they had produced was a press kit. I met up with Vortex PR through Tally Systems, who we were working with. Tally asked me if I could help them at a Press meeting that Vortex had arranged. I had a first hand opportunity to watch Nigel Robson in action and immediately understood how little our own PR agency were actually doing for us. In fact, we were simply paying a monthly retainer for nothing. After Vortex PR came on board, our Press exposure went screaming up. Nigel immediately arranged product reviews with several IT journals, as well as free CDROM coverage on all leading UK PC publications.” Tim Hayes, President, IT-Map International

Links Business Solutions

“Nigel is a consummate professional in everything he does. His ability to quickly grasp both the technical and business aspects of his client's business is amazing. Nigel is a superb networker across many continents and continues to drive success in everything he does.” August 13, 2006. Kim Rose, Sales Director, Links Business Solutions

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