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The Story Teller

The Key to success is having a REALLY GOOD STORY that is interesting, relevant and engaging. For that you need a REALLY GOOD STORY TELLER who knows his audiences and how to develop stories that have maximum effect.

Nigel Robson of Vortex PR

One of the leading technology PR consultants in Europe

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations
  • Member of the PRCA
  • Degree in Physics and Chemistry - really understands technology and technical staff
  • 30 years experience in high tech PR for major companies and startups – Plessey Semiconductors, Philips Semiconductors, Duracell, MIPS, ARC, RFEL, Peratech, SunSil, Baolab and RadioScape
  • Long term relationships (7 years on average) with clients - gets results & orders
  • Proven track record with journalists around the world - trusted source of quality stories
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