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Why do you need me?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if....

  • Customers came knocking on your door?
  • They already understood your technology?
  • They understood how your technology compares to what they are using?
  • They understand how much better yours is?
  • They realised that you could save them money?
  • They realised that your technology helps them make better products…

Tell a story - tell the world

  • Story telling has much greater impact than advertising (~10x more) – information is coming as editorial from a trusted third party, i.e. a journalist
  • One story can reach thousands of potential customers around the world at once
  • A good story spreads quickly in today’s web-connected world – spreading rapidly under its own steam
  • Cost effective way to communicate to the world – advertising would be prohibitive
  • Ongoing communication ensures growing awareness

RESULT - TRUST builds with customers, potential 

customers and investors

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